Save Your Back - Tips For Buying a New Hand Truck

28 Jan

A smart person once said "Work smart! Not hard." As a result of the invention of the wheel we can do just that. Long gone are the times of breaking up your back lifting heavy objects. Today the smart way is to use a hand truck or a dolly.

Take James for example. He works for a little warehouse moving bags of plaster all day long. These totes weigh fifty pounds each and at the very close of the day his back is trying to tell him that it's simply too much work lifting these hefty bags and taking them one at a time. His boss wanted to increase productivity, so he bought James a hand truck. Unexpectedly Jame's life became easier and his back was not soar. Jame's boss noticed how much more work James can do in a shorter quantity of time that made him happy. You can do the same thing, but there are some facts to think about prior to buying a hand cart or dolly.

1. Wish is the hand cart going to be utilized? These crafty creations do have limitations you know. They are not made of steel, well wait a minute some of them are but you get the idea. It is possible to overload a hand truck and split it, so the first point to consider is the maximum load that your hand cart would be carrying. Once you've determined that then you can move on and save your spine. There are lightweight aluminum versions and heavy duty steels ones.

2. What type of hand truck do you need? There are many different hand sockets available, and you have to ensure that you choose the perfect one for the job. There are appliance trucks. These carts are made specifically for transferring washers, dryers, refrigerators and other appliances. They have straps and extended ramps. You will find stair climbing hand trucks which make moving heavy items up and down stairs a breeze. If you are likely to be transferring drums then a drum or drum cart will fit your requirements.

3. Where's your truck going to be used? If you are using the cart in a warehouse scenario then a standard hand cart with regular wheels should suit the job just fine. If your not in a warehouse and may be moving things outside then you will require a hand cart with bigger tires to produce things much easier on irregular ground.

In this article I have provided a few strategies on how to choose the ideal hand truck to your job. It is almost always best to plan ahead and make sure your purchase matches your needs that way that you don't waste any cash.

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